Welcome to Dougie & Mags’ Excellent Adventures!

This site is all about a dream.  It may at times develop into a nightmare, but they usually pass.  The dream on the other hand will hopefully last for ever (or at least until we’re 100).

The dream is all about discovery.  Like finding out how to get the hulking great spare wheel out the RV in the peeing rain whilst 40-tonne artics/semis hurtle past at insane speeds, horns screaming abuse.  Or discovering that Saharan sand is quite thin.  Or that retirement is the very best job anyone can have.  Lots of discovery.  Lots.

We’d be glad if you’d join us for the ride – there are plenty spaces!  Either pop in from time-to-time to see where we are, or – better still – let us drop you a quick email to let you know there’s been a new post.  There’s a “Get notified!!” box to do that, on the right – it just needs your name & email address.  You can easily unsubscribe at any time, and we don’t get notified if you do.

We  recommend that you now visit the About the adventures page which tells you the story so far.

Some things you may never need to know:

Trabi is short for Trabant (that’s been our toad in the UK & Europe)

Toad is short for towed car

RV is short for Recreational Vehicle

Winnebago is an RV manufacturer and is often used incorrectly to describe an RV irrespective of the make (like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover when it’s not, although in our case, we do own a Winnebago… :roll: )

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